WikiEdu Platform

Wiki Ed supports the Wikipedia Education Program in the US and Canada. Their Product Manager approached us with the request to help him create a set of tools to best support professors looking to leverage Wikipedia as a teaching platform. I was in charge of creative direction, interaction design and project planning.

Service blueprints, user stories and an agile workflow allowed us to define and develop the first iteration of the Assignment Design Wizard. An online tool that dramatically reduces the amount of time professors used when posting assignments to Wikipedia.

In order to provide visibility and a centralized hub for information we developed a responsive dashboard to serve as the foundation of the platform. The idea behind the dashboard is to display relevant information to professors, student editors and wikiEdu staff when authenticated.


The MVP of the platform launched in November 2014 with positive feedback from professors. The initial response and engagement has been overwhelmingly positive and insightful to validate solutions as the platform grows and evolves.

Role: Product Planning, Product Design, Service Design, Interface Design

Completed at WINTR

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