Tiply is a payment platform seeking to reinvent the way people give and receive tips while traveling, by eliminating the need for cash. I was in charge of their rebrand, online presence and mobile app visual language and user experience.

The success of this service relied in its ability to surpass cash transactions both in terms of speed and accessibility. We revamped the payment method to allow users to tip one another in a matter of seconds.

In order to provide visibility and a centralized hub for information we designed a responsive hub for users of the platform. The idea behind the hub was to provide the core functionality of the mobile app as a web platform.


With a strong view of the industry we created a mobile app that streamlines the tipping process, presented in a brand that speaks to the target audience and evokes trustworthiness. The app has received positive press and has been featured on Yahoo, Crunchbase, Bloomberg and MacWorld.

Role: Product Planning, Product Design, Service Design, Interface Design

Completed at WINTR

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