The Groundwork

The Groundwork is a platform built to help non-profit organizations raise funds, host events, collect data. The platform is both a collection of easy-to-use tools that allow these organizations get started as well as a powerful API that allows them to grow their tools as their needs rise.

I joined this amazing team once the first version of the platform was about to launch. I started out by designing and building the peer to peer fundraising feature of the platform.

I led a segment of our customers through a research study to learn how they used our platform. The result of this study was a clear map for future features. One of the most important being a re-implementation of the navigation system to one that provided description of each feature on the platform.

Based on our research study we discovered that our customers wanted to launch fundraising and supporter collection pages without the need of any html coding and so we started developing an easy-to-use standalone page editor.


The platform has helped amazing organizations such as UNHCR, I am that Girl, ResistBot, and more, grow their supporter base, raise funds and remain focused in their movement.

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Role: Front-end Development (HTML5, CSS, Javascript), Product Design, Product Planning, Interface Design

Completed at Timshel

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