LEVL Product

LEVL is a unique product that looks to revolutionize the fitness industry by providing their customers an accurate, science-backed method to track their weight-loss progress. I was in charge of their brand positioning, designing their mobile experience as well as their online presence.

The success of this product relied in its ability to seamlessly allow users to pair their new device and be engaged upon first-run. We developed a succinct first-run experience, that guides the user throughout setting their profiles with easy to use interactions, and completes by educating them on how to best achieve their goal.

Given the nature of the product we suggested a website that both showcased the product and delivered thought-leadership content from fitness ambassadors. The purpose of the content was to provided users with resources to make positive changes to their lifestyle.

In order to maintain brand standards across mobile, web, packaging and physical product aesthetics. We created a master style-guide where every element was displayed and compared with one another in order to catch inconsistencies across platforms.


With a strong view of the industry we crafted a successful mobile experience that led users throughout their fitness path. The app has received positive press and has been featured on USA Today and Time.

Role: Product Design Lead, Product Planning, Interface Design, Branding

Completed at WINTR