The Master Chief Collection

Halo is one of the most successful game franchises of all time, and for the release of the anniversary collection MS Studios asked us to work with them to create a gameplay experience that combined over 10 years of Halo missions, maps and cinematics into a single unified interface. I was in charge of both interaction and interface design, art direction and prototyping.

To address the fast-paced nature of this project I implemented a design workflow that allowed us to deliver pixel-perfect animated prototypes to be tested on a weekly basis, in order to allow us to validate and iterate our design solutions.

Once approved, we developed design and animation guidelines early on that could be implemented in development whilst still working on the rest of the gameplay experience.


The result was an intuitive, user-tested gameplay experience that allowed users to play interconnected custom narratives across all titles of the Halo Saga while allowing them to immerse themselves in the cinematic content satisfying both the client and user needs.

Role: Interaction Design, Interface Design, Art Direction, Animation

Completed at WINTR

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